Two Saviors In Two Weeks: First Obama, and Now Christ Returns - A Political Poem

So said the man who knows not what he says:
Cherish the hours, for short are the days
‘Till you soldiers of American fame
Will be deployed to the heart of Ukraine!
“You’ll see when you’re there”, said he to the crowd.
Words captured as they were uttered aloud.
“We’ll see when we’re there?”— the regiment asked
“What is it, pray tell, with which we’ve been tasked?”
About the small room there rippled a stir
What, but world war, were the men to infer?
An engagement grand, imminent, and near
With the dread forces of cruel Vladimir.
On this weighty point, Joe failed to dilate
His schedule was busy, the hour was late.
He left them there roiling in torrents of stress
Only to deepen and worsen the mess.
Of chemical weapons he then was asked:
“What will you do if Ukrainians are gassed?—
If Kiev’s air’s filled with noxious pollution
Breathed by the mad czar, the fetid Putin?”
Quick was his answer, decisive his mind
To these attacks, we’ll respond fast, “In kind”.
“In kind?” —surely that’s not quite what you mean,
Strong in resolve, howsoever you seem;
For to do “In kind”, is to do the same
To bludgeon another, if you’ve been maimed;
To follow the code of Hammurabi
Whose law clearly states, “an eye for an eye”.
That means, sir, if Russian gas is released
In NATO’s dark fumes, Moscow must be fleeced.
Such is the rule of lex talionis
The “In kind” creed by which you would lead us.
Alas! From bad to worse did Biden’s words go
Plumbing the depths of rhetorical lows.
Scanning this bedrock of barren babbles
Thrusting us closer to dangerous battles.
In fair, proud Poland, while giving a speech
He went off script and attempted to reach
Toward passion’s high peak, a grand elevation
From which he could move and stir the nation.
But on his ascent he mistook a step
Tumbling upward, as though boarding a jet.
Seizing the moment but losing the hour,
He yelled, “This man cannot remain in power!”
Who is “this man”, but Putin “The Deranged”
For whose ousting, a regime must be changed;
A government toppled, a coup devised
History remade, the world order revised;
The Russian bear prodded, harried, and poked
Whose outburst I fear, if truly provoked.
With nuclear bombs too many to count
To what good do Joe’s words really amount?
Is this what Biden is prepared to do?
To double the horrors of World War II?
Or is he merely large of rhetoric
While wielding a most diminutive stick?
Or have his faculties taken their leave–
Leaving a leader whose mind is a sieve.
For all the globe: north, west, east, and the south
I tremble each time Biden opens his mouth.
Refer to his quotes, the foregoing three
The man’s pronouncing a casus belli.